A driver platform for modern firmware.

Notch delivers more than just drivers - we'll provide you with tools to generate completely custom drivers as a part of your build process.

How it works

Go from schematic to product in hours by letting us handle your drivers

1. Configure your IC

Use our cross-platform application to configure microcontrollers and peripheral ICs in minutes

2. Generate the drivers

Use our command-line interface to quickly generate your drivers - you can even do this as a build step

3. Write the code

Use our intuitive API and documentation to integrate our drivers into your application code

Configure your ICs

Instead of piecing together manufacturer drivers or spending hours sorting through datasheets, configure your chips within minutes using our intuitive UI

Simple configuration

Notch handles clock trees, pin muxing, DMA initialization and other difficult tasks so you don't have to

Interactive documentation

Every peripheral, register, field, and more is documented extensively in Notch's desktop application

Register initialization

Preview initialized register values so you know exactly what to expect when debugging

Generate high-quality drivers in minutes

Notch's lightweight drivers don't hide any functionality behind sluggish abstractions

Low resource usage

Our blazing-fast drivers have small code size and rarely use static or global variables

Easy initialization

Notch generates routines to initialize your chip exactly as you configured it

High code quality

Our code obeys strict style requirements and passes thorough software and hardware testing

Integrates with your workflow

Notch makes no assumptions about your project's structure or build system


Notch's bare-metal drivers work as a HAL for your RTOS project, no matter which one you choose

Command-line generation

Our command-line tool generates drivers deterministically as a part of your build process

Flexible project structure

Choose where generated files go and how they're named

Notch works with your EXISITING TOOLS

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